Jill Stein: Trumps left-wing ally

Jill Stein having dinner with Mike Flynn (Trump’s National Security Advisor) and Vladmir Putin

Jill Stein, winner of the most unhelpful leftist award and former Green Party presidential nominee has done more to help Trump than she has helped Green Party. Given an election with two of the most unpopular candidates in history, Jill Stein failed to take advantage of this humongous opportunity to launch her party into the mainstream and instead simply spoiled the candidate that didn’t run on fuck environment and ensure the election of the one who did. In personal conduct, she is nothing more than a hypocrite who shamelessly panders with anti-vaxxers^1 and other associated cranks against here views while decrying politicians for pandering against their views

She is closely connected to Russia who has given her an inordinate amount of media attention on their state media platform and has even had a dinner with Putin^2. It’s not unreasonable to suggest they convinced her to run in order to spoil the election in favour of their puppet Trump. The rhetoric she espoused is toxic for a functioning democracy as she reacted debunked allegations against Hillary Clinton^3 in an attempt to create a false-equivalent giving credence to a narrative that proved to be Hillary undoing in the presidential election.

She was an utter failure at giving the green party any political influence as they have zero seats^4 in anything higher than a municipal government by refusing to use the profile she had from being a presidential nominee to bring attention to local candidates. She played into the worst tendencies of the greens to refuse to accept anything that won’t radically change the country by refusing to work with small candidates but instead cosplay as a presidential candidate in an election she had no chance of winning. The greens could have launched serious challenges against corrupt democratic state candidates in places such as California where they have ballot access but they instead preferred to throw the money needed for that into the fire-pit known as presidential campaigns and Stein was leading the charge into the fire-pit

She has spent more time attacking democrats that agree with her then republicans and is actively detrimental to the causes she claims to support. Her attempt to contest the legitimacy of trump’s victory via a recount^5 was an abject failure that only increased trumps legitimacy and blew 7 million dollars into a hole. It was also executed with an almost criminal level of incompetence. Despite spending more 300k on consultation^6, they were unable to predict the fees that were required and were forced to withdraw their recount in 2 states while a third state had a machine based recount which resolved no issues. The entire recount only served to help trump gain more legitimacy and waste a whole lot of money.

On Twitter, she has spent more time blaming and attacking Democrats than Republican. In the most outrageous case, She blamed the nomination of DeVos as secretary of education on Senate democrats^7, Stating that “Why would we have a tie on such an egregious nominee? Because Democrats serve corporate interests.” Ignoring the fact that every single Democrat in the senate voted against her nomination. Stein is a disgrace to the Green Party and has done more to damage its reputation than the worst media attacks ever could. She is the very personification of the circular firing squad idea which is destroying the American left. She is frankly an ally of Trump and all those who claim to be “left wing” should treat her as one.

In a time where unity is most needed, Jill Stein continues calls for disunity and division which will only further Trump and other Republican causes while her attacks on them almost always backfire. She is toxic to any resistance against trump and has doomed the green party to its current position in the foreseeable future by destroying its reputation among mainstream moderates. She is truly Trump left-wing ally




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