The surprising victory of Brexit has caused many to believe that the neo-liberal Blairite cabal that once held sway over British politics was broken and that Brexit was caused by those ignored by the cabal, the working. That is a lie, Brexit is the pathetic last attempts of the neo-liberal Blairites to seize power after being destroyed during the last GE and the election of Corbyn as the leader of labour. The country has rejected their bland moderate policies and elitist style of governance but they still cling on, desperately yearning for political power and hoping to seize the government back. Brexit and euro-skepticism was their fail-safe to be used if they were ever forced from power. They have fooled a gullible media into following their plan and are poised for a takeover during the next election unless we see through their cunning plan and vote for Corbin

They key thing to understand about Blairites and neo-liberal is that while they are small in number they are cunning and occupy numerous influential jobs allowing them to seize power despite their small number. Famous neo-liberals include Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and David Cameron who all believe the same thing with nothing but flavour differing them. Tony Blair managed to win the 1997 election in a landslide because his neo-liberal masters became worried that their old puppets, the tories was becoming too toxic to keep power and jumped ship. Tony Blair never again managed to increase his majority from 1997 and steadily bled support to the even more neo-liberal Lib Dems and then to the euro-skeptic UKIP which was a false vent created by them.

The neo-liberal had anticipated discontent with their policies so they created a false party for that populist anger to be directed.UKIP is a Neo-liberal creation designed to be as toxic as possible to prevent there from being any real opposition to neo-liberal capitalism.Nigel Farage is a neo-liberal double agent masquerading as a populist euro-skeptic who was put into deep cover in 1990‘s in case the neo-liberals ever lost power. He was a stock trader and banker those who had the most to loose due to Brexit and his character seems almost too perfect to be genuine. He mad his party as toxic as possible in order to prevent it from being a genuine threat to the neo-liberals

Back in 2011, the neo-liberal domination of politics seemed pretty secure as all 3 major parties were neo-liberal and the collation was just an icing on the cake. What causes their plans to derail was MIllbands loss of the 2015 election allowing Jeremy Corbyn to win labour leadership. The creation of true non-toxic opposition is the deepest fear of these neo-liberal master and so they initiated Brexit in order to sabotage his chances of creating a workable opposition after their instal plan of using media bias and fake polls failed. The hard-Brexit pushed by Theresa May is going to destroy any opponent towards neo-liberalism for decades and will allow them to come back into parliament triumphant in just a few years unless the media stop it’s unacceptable bias. UKIP was the last-gamble of the neo-liberal a nuke to destroy all opposition to let them rule over the ashes. We can not allow them to succeed

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