The Rise of Content Parasites and How to Stop them

Nine-gag the Largest example of this.

The Rise of the Internet has created a flourishing in many amateur fields as global niche interests were able to connect to each other and create an online Eco-System of Arts, Comedy, Humour and other media of all types. Examples include Poland Ball, Copy-Pastas and others amusing forms of entertainment that are ripe areas of creation, however, these online communities have attracted a bread of parasites known as content aggregators.

Content Aggregators may claim that they are simply helping spread information and jokes further and give the creators more exposure but are honestly little more than thieves as they rarely cite the sources from which they gain their content or offer any sort of compensation to the hard-working content creator. They profit immensely from this content stealing with the largest 9-gag having managed to raise more than 25 million dollars to support themselves. They take advantage of the complexity and expense of the modern legal system to exploit hard-working content cheaters and milk their products for revenue. They contribute nothing and are little more than a group of organised thief’s who’s justifications would make even the most hardened of criminal cringe.

The success of 9gag has led to various copy-cats springing up across the world, one of the most shameless is the Singapore news-outlet motherships which do little more than adding a catchy headline to content created in other online Singapore communities such as Reddit, Little more than plagiarist they blatantly copy posts that many have spent hours working, purely in order to profit. Only a deluded fool would belive their shallow justification and excuses. These organisations already skirt around the edges of copyright law, using the fact that law is designed for wealthy corporations to rip-off hardworking independent producers.

An easy way of ending these corporate parasites is to force Google to fulfil its obligations under the DMCA and provide a method for removing ad revenue not just from youtube but also websites as long as a legitimate claim can be demonstrated and giving that revenue to the legitimate content creator, This will not only stop these content parasites from profiting off other people’s content but also reward the content creators with a monetary benefit. Another method would be to make it possible to register all the content you produce of a certain type with just one payment of the filing fee instead of the current system of multiple payments. This will force these so-called “content aggregators” to follow fair-use and create legitimacy content or perish

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