Of all the possible careers that have come to mind, a politician seems to be both the most attractive and the most remote possibility. My background precluded my grounding in any demographic successes while my monolingualism prevents a broad collation of support. I stumble upon speeches and my voice is unclear and annoying often having to repeat by pronouncements. My written work is typo-ridden and still pretentious, all of these seem to be a poison to any ambition to gaining governmental power in a democratic system.

I’ve always been told that I’ve had great potential in a way that has always struck me as nothing but empty praise. A socially acceptable statement stated by those not wishing to either offend nor being willing to take the time to examine and be specific. In science and maths, I’ve attained perhaps the most outward signs of proficiency, yet it never stirred any greater passion inside me. The humanities attracted me in their depth, the sheer complexity of humanity in it’s whole from how the most simple of motivation lead to the creation of the most complicated of institution, How a trade of a few piece of bread in a distant desert influenced the price of triple traded derivative held on a supercomputer on a lofty tower in the center of New-York ?, was a question that I was always fascinated with.

Finance with its flashy lifestyle and attractive number briefly held me in their sway perhaps helped by a friend who had certain sway within it, drove me to that path but a wearied of time and red drew me away. Disenchanted I walked along many paths. MUN provided a fun track to explore, I was a rising star within my club. The first to advance to new levels yet I always felt held back, perhaps by nepotism withing the leadership or perhaps by my own arrogance. I quickly became disillusioned and looked for alternatives

I gained control of a finance club and held it in sway yet it felt meaningless to me, nought but another burden that I must bear. My friend was the drive behind the club and I soon simply rubber-stamped whatever he brought in front of me. I was little more than a tape-record in that capacity only repeating borrowed phrases. Politics Club mantel of leadership soon also involved me, yet I always felt like a second fiddle in a loud orchestra there. Exams came and went, and I was still left aimless.

I’m a like a both stranded with no guidance in the middle of an ocean, drifting by the current to place unknown. I feel at once both ambition yet depresses,  The future offers little promise but to greater the slog that wears me down.

I have no idea what to be ?

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