Here a heat map of  income in Singapore

Heat_map imgur-1

I had always tried to look for one but was never able to get one, so I had to make one myself. I’m rather proud of it given how long it took me to produce it. I used sing-stat data to create it.

3 thoughts on “Singapore Household Income Heatmap

  1. Hi! Could you please share the data for this map? I tried to look for it in singstat but could not find the break-down by district. Thanks!


    1. I got the data from the 2010 census, It’s table 22 which gives you the number of households in each decile in each of the planning areas. Looking back, I realise my methodology for estimating the wealth of the top band in order to create this graphic was flawed and probably should be updated. I’ve taken the liberty of emailing you the data specific spreadsheet but you can also simply download the statistical table organised under residential household, and going to sheet 22 of the document


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