It seemed like the victory of Montant Congressman Greg Gianforte after he assaulted a journalist is barely the tip of the iceberg in the surprising tolerance that Republican have for political violence by their candidate. For once it seems like Trump told the truth when he said “he could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters’. A poll by Public Policy Polling¬†revealed that 45% of Trump voters would still support him even if he shot someone and only 29% would stop supporting him with the remaining unsure. A similar 45% also stated they don’t believe that Donald Trump Jr had met with Russians for campaign information despite his admission to the contrary

This sort of cult of personality seems like something that would be found in some sort of tin-pot cult of personality based dictatorship rather than a stable democracy but sadly a large part of the American electorate seems to have abandoned these principles in favour of emotional candidate worship. It is estimated that this trend doesn’t spread unless one wants the already shabby democratic American institution to be eroded any further

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