Perspective is a tricky word that has been rather overused in recent year, it’s definition has broadened to the point where it means little more than “considering” and worst of all it’s been turned into a graded subject. My school dedicated two hours a week to the teaching of the subject and there are few classes more unpopular among the student body, yet despite this focus, I’ve still found an almost universal lack of personal perspective in our examination of ourselves.

A recent conversation I had about a basketball player illustrates the phenomena neatly. I was conversing with a friend about what we did over the summer that sidetracked to discussing what other people did over the summer holiday. The person I was conversing with said: ” He is probably going to become an NBA player” and when pressed for evidence to support that claim he cited ” He went to an expensive summer camp” as evidence. There are around 5 million high-school basketball players around 5% of those go on to play college basketball, 0.1% of those left go on to join the NBA. That gives you statistical odds of around 0.005% of him joining the NBA. Would you bet on those odds?

I mean no disrespect to the student but the odds of him being joining the NBA or so fantastically unlikely that claiming that it’s “certain” based on attending a basketball camp is prima facie ridiculous. This expectation of ridiculously high real life achievement based on in-school ranking is mirrored in practically every subject in the school.

This is coming from a school where the average academic results are lower than the national average albeit higher than the global one. We have become disconnected from our local community and have an inflamed ego, slowly the first signs of a superiority complex are developing. these inflated expectations aren’t healthy and are almost certainly going to lead to disappointment and depression down the line.

It is a cold but hard fact of life that not everybody is above average nor can everybody be successful if the purpose of school is to prepare us for life they should also prepare us for this hard fact lest we waste our life in depression over perceived failiures

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