The Effective Altruism movement is a movement that “aims to apply evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to benefit others”. It’s a response to a perceived failure of past altruism focusing more on symbolic or short-term actions rather than long-term goals that would have led to more suffering mitigated over the long-term. I wonder to what extent could the principles and strategies promoted by the organization aid our own service programme

I have always been personally cynical off the UWCSEA service programme seeing it at times as an attempt to pad our college resume rather than an attempt to truly aid the claimed beneficiaries. On reflection, however, I have to concede that much of my cynicism came from a desiere to feel superior to my peers without putting in any genuine effort. This was  just as wrong if not worse than naively taking the schools claims about its service programme at face value and in an attempt to repent for the situation I have decided to embark on a personal research project

I’m going to investigate the school’s local service partners in order to see if there are any ratings about their effectiveness and also contacting them inquiring about how effective student volunteers are. Depending on the results of my investigation I will either continue it for GC’s or simply end it there and concede that I should be more charitable with my time

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