“Investment porn” is a term used to refer to images, videos and other depictions of lavish wealth used by a seller of Finance products and courses to create an aura of credibility around their claims of granting financial success. Perhaps the most notorious among these wealth pimps is Tai Lopez, who gained widespread infamy after flooding youtube Ads with videos of him hawking his “Knowlege” among props from his “lavish lifestyle”. He is by no means alone with a multitude of other “Gurus” such as Tim Skyes and Ramit Sethi selling the same stuff. Anton Kreil’s prime method of marketing seems to be high production value videos interspaced with almost casual demonstrations of extravagance where he claims to give “Life” advice. What makes Kreil unique among others is that he seems to have an almost pathological dislike for other of the same occupation, calling Skyes a  “Total BS Artist” and produces videos where he “Annihilates Retail Brokers and Trading Educators”. All of which is correct but is simply more proof that the old adage about “One’s Enemies enemy being one’s friend” wrong.

His videos are a half-stepped more refined compared to his contemporaries, matching his un-emphasized British accent, instead of Sports Cars and Bikin-Clad Girls he shows expensive shaves and chauffeur drive airport rides. He avoids the large numbers other videos indulge in preferring to let the luxuries flow in a sort of uninterrupted smoothness instead of shoving them at the Camera. His rise to prominence illustrates this principle quite nicely, instead of shady internet ads he used BBC-Affiliated Reality Tv appearing in Million Dollar Traders. The half-act he plays hasn’t fooled everybody as many others have pointed out but has been enough to convince a few hundred fools interspaced with brainwashed cultists to part with $3,000 in exchange for a subscription his “video” course while a few dozen more have dropped five figures on his mentoring options.

To rebut his content requires repeating what is now the tired formula for debunking investment gurus, a Bloomberg terminal search reveals that he does indeed possess work experience in hedge funds but his badly written website claims of being a “Top Trader” remain unverified and probably unverifiable. The obvious argument of his reasoning for teaching instead of making millions trading prompts the absurd counter that it is a charity effort followed by even more absurd arguments once the high price of his courses is pointed out.

I would under an ordinary course ignore such a figure, my writings most likely to be ignored by those in need of it, but given his attempts to disguise himself as a scam-fighter I feel obligated to write against. Previous rebuttals have ignored this characterization and despite the inherent absurdity of the defence, it’s widely used by those who have paid him in an attempt to justify their own expenditure.  His attempts to promote himself and his own scams by taking down other’s is despicable and deserves to be highlighted.

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